Arthur, President ChesterUnited States Army
Chester A. Arthur was born in Fairfield, Vermont, but his family soon moved to upstate NY.  In 1844 his family moved to Lansingburgh, where they resided on First Avenue, near a Baptist Church that Arthur’s abolitionist father, the Reverend William Arthur preached.  Arthur attended Lansingburgh Academy on 114th Street (which now houses the Lansingburgh Branch of the Troy Library). At 15 he enrolled in the Lyceum, a preparatory school for Union College, which he would go on to attend.  At the beginning of the Civil War he was appointed Brigadier-General and served for three years, but never saw combat.  When James Garfield, a Republican, was elected president, Arthur was his running mate.  A short time into his presidency Garfield was assassinated and died, word of which reached Arthur in Albany on July 2, 1881.  Arthur moved into the White House and served as the 21st president until 1885.
Arthur is remembered by historians for his push to reform tariffs, instituting an official Navy, and a notable lack of corruption during an era of corrupt administrations.


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