Cocca, Nick Jr.United States Army

Nick Cocca, Jr., was a truly wonderful and selfless human being (with a fabulous sense of humor), a great husband, father of three, and grandfather of seven.

Born in Troy, New York, November 2, 1922, and growing up on President Street, Nick graduated from Troy High School, where he won numerous pole vaulting and math awards. A few years later he volunteered for the service and, due to his skill in math, ended up in the Records Unit.

Upon returning from WW II, he received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from New York University. He then worked for the New York State Power Commission.
With a young family, he elected to work for a private power company, the Ellenville  Electric Company, in Ellenville , New York, which eliminated all the traveling that was part of his position in the Commission.  He rose to be treasurer of the company and a highly respected member of the community, where he was involved in many charitable organizations, as well as being a volunteer fireman.
At this time , he became a devout Catholic and was forever active in the Church.
When the Ellenville Electric Company was sold to Central Hudson, located in Poughkeepsie, New York, he moved there with his family and rose to become Auditor of the Company.
He and his family were parishioners of Holy Trinity Church in Poughkeepsie.  He and his wife, Adele, were extremely active in the Church. He continued his charitable work.
He and his wife were very generous, not only with their time and effort, but with monetary donations, as well, to many, many charitable organizations.
Nick passed away on February 27, 2004; he is a person to emulate
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