Busher, JamesUnited States Army

Jim was born on June 11, 1931 in Pleasantdale, NY,  the youngest child of Margaret (Daisy) Lynch and Henry Busher. Jim attended Pleasantdale Elementary School, Knickerbocker Junior High School and Lansingburgh High School.

Jim entered the U.S. Army in January 1949. He was a member of the 7th Infantry Division, 31st Infantry Regiment. He trained at Camp Picket, Virginia. Later that year he was deployed to Japan for further training. On September 15, 1950, Jim as a member of the 7th Infantry Division participated in the beach landing at Incheon on the western shore of Korea.

Jim survived that landing plus four more additional beach landings around the lower portion of Korea. The next big battle he survived was at the Chosin Reservoir in the mountains of North Korea in December 1950. Wind chill temp was 60 below zero!!! Approximately 3,500 United Nations forces were surrounded and massacred  by over 300,000 Chinese troops.

Jim was injured and quickly evacuated out of the area by helicopter. He is one of the “Chosin Few” who have survived that battle. It has been recorded as one of the worst wartime battles in history.

After treatment at a hospital in Japan, Jim was returned to his unit. he was again injured in May 1951 along with several other members of his regiment. Due to the approaching enemy forces, he and the others who were injured were left behind. Jim and the others were captured by a group of Chinese soldiers and help prisoner for three and one half weeks. Since he was only fed one small cold serving of rice each day, his weight dropped from 130 to 85lbs.

Jim survived many harsh conditions while serving in combat in Korea. He lived in foxholes in all kinds of weather and later wondered how he survived all of that. Jim was Honorably discharged from the Army in June 1952.

For his service, Jim was awarded the following Medals:

Combat Infantry Badge, United Nations Service Medal, Korea Service Medal, Republic of Korea Service Medal, (TWO) Purple Hearts, and Prisoner of War Medal.

James H. Busher of Lansingburgh passed away on May 12, 2016 at The Albany Medical Center after a long illness




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